Turkey Unplugged – Day Three

Day Three

We had an early start so that we could get to Gallipoli by mid-day.  I had thought this would be the least interesting part of the tour for me but I was moved that these young people honoured the memories of their great grandfathers, who fought and died here.  There was a marker that indicated among the dead were Newfoundlanders.  The battle for the Dardanelles, took place in 1915 and Newfoundland did not join Canada until 1949.


A ferry brought us across the same strait,that the ANZAC forces had attacked, to the Asian side of Turkey.



We stayed the night in Canakkale in a hotel which made me think of the hotels in the Catskill Mountains of New York State,  featured in the film ‘Dirty Dancing’.  Tusan Hotel scored 11 out of 24 hotels on Trip Advisor and a few of our group were disappointed with their rooms.  We had amazing weather but it was still too cold to use the pool or the beach.  I could imagine families coming here in the summer.  The Tusan does not provide drinking water unless you count the small bottles for 2 TL (Turkish Lira) in the minibar.  I suggest you pick up a large (1 ½ litre) bottle of water in Istanbul for 1 TL and bring it with you.

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