I Am In Love With A Married Man

I adore Alexander McCall Smith but he is married to Elizabeth.  She is a doctor.  I fell in love with him when he introduced me to Precious Ramotswe, the lady detective in Gaborone.  I felt that Alexander and I shared a common affection for Botswana and he is clearly a man who is in touch with his feminine side.

In the decade since I became acquainted with Alexander, I have been busy getting on with my life and clearly, so has he.  The former University of Edinburgh professor has authored more than eighty books and it was while reading his most recent that I realized that I was still in love with him.

How could I not love a man who sees the world around him with such clarity and gentleness.  In The Forever Girl he writes, “…the relaxed, good-natured banter that the Australians excel at; an assumption of good will, a default position based on the understanding that there was enough for everybody – enough of whatever it was that people needed: space, food, the chance to make something of life.”   And how could I not love a man who uses punctuation so exquisitely!

The Forever Girl


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