Turkey Unplugged – Day Six

Today, Thursday the 31st of October 2013, we left behind the Aegean Sea and ventured inland to a part of Turkey where the natural formations have a surreal aspect.  We visited Pamukkale where the calcium-rich, thermal springs have created snow-white ledges. Naturally, the Romans turned this into a spa town (Hierapolis) and there are ruins of … Continue reading

Turkey Unplugged – Day Five

Today we visited the ruins of Ephesus, a Roman city. Our guide, Huseyin, told us that there are more Greek ruins in Turkey than in Greece, and more Roman ruins than in Italy. It would have been easy to become a little overawed by the extent of historical sites but Huseyin kept it interesting by … Continue reading

Turkey Unplugged – Day Four

Today was an even earlier start than yesterday.  We began by going to nearby Troy.  Huseyin told us how a German archaeologist destroyed the Troy of Homer’s Iliad because he believed it would be found in the lower layers of the site but, in fact, it was much nearer to the top.  There is a … Continue reading

More surprises

In my last blog post, I wrote about seeing familiar places in a new way. Today, I not only went to an unfamiliar part of Singapore, I saw something that was so strange to me that it has made me re-think what I thought I already knew. I once commented that the difference between visiting … Continue reading