Andrea’s travels in the Land Down Under (2002) Part 1

Now that I have finished writing about my trip to Turkey, I thought I would write about my travels in Australia, and the best place to start a story is at the beginning.

It was April 2002 and I was living in Japan and my good friend Akiko was living in Australia. At that time I was writing a monthly newsletter which I called The Yamagata Monthly. I suspect the blog had not yet been invented. I am feeling a bit lazy so I will post the YM instead of writing something new.

Reefs & Rainforests, Beaches & Billabongs Part One

Last month I went to Australia to visit my friend Akiko who is attending the Australian National University. We spent two days in Sydney where I got my hair cut and dragged Akiko into 100 jewellery stores to look at opals. (The estimate of the number of stores we visited was provided by Akiko) We got to watch Aborigine buskers playing didgeridoos and we were able to meet and speak with an Aboriginal artist while we were having lunch at Lillipilli, a restaurant on Nurse’s Walk in the Rocks. It’s owned by an Aborigine woman who is a writer. We went up the Sydney Tower and had dinner in the revolving restaurant. I ate kangaroo, emu, camel and buffalo. I liked the emu best.


After two days of ‘shop till you drop’, we flew north to Queensland to begin the adventure part of our vacation.

Stay tuned for part two!

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