Andrea’s travels in the Land Down Under (2002) Part 2

In my last post, I shared the May 2002 edition of the Yamagata Monthly.  Here is the June 2002 edition:

Reefs & Rainforests, Beaches & Billabongs Part Two

Akiko and I flew from Sydney to Cairns in Queensland.  We were picked up at our hotel the following morning by Dave, who was to be our guide and chauffeur, (our ‘limousine’ was a 4×4 truck).  I had found the company for which he works on the internet.  Their name is The Adventure Company .  Dave had been told that his passengers were two women, one from Japan and one from Australia.  He was highly amused to find out that the tall Caucasian woman was the one from Japan.

Anyway, we were driven through the Australian bush to Jowalbinna Bush Camp.  Immediately upon arrival, we were greeted by a dingo.  We were very lucky because an extended family of Aborigines (Murrays) were at Jowalbinna and we were able to eat real bush tucker as one of the grandfathers had caught a fish (I think it was a barramundi) and it was cooked in a pit along with some wild potatoes. Yum! Yum!  We spent the evening sitting around a fire singing and playing instruments both aboriginal and western.  This is not part of the regular itinerary but rather one more example of how lucky I am.  We were four days altogether with Dave, looking at Quinkan Rock Art sites and generally learning a great deal about life in the Australian north.  I’m not sure that one would also be treated to the sight of a dozen or more wallabies grazing in the early morning mist but I can assure you that the sight of this as I was strolling back from the shower was the moment I knew I was, beyond doubt, in Australia.

Our third night was spent at a lovely lodge called Mungumby which I highly recommend to those who don’t really want to ‘rough it’ on their adventures.

Our last full day in Cairns was spent taking a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef, complete with snorkeling, sunburn, and seasickness.   I had been snorkeling before in the Caribbean but it cannot compare with the Great Barrier Reef.  The highlight for me was seeing a sea turtle.  I did not take this photograph.  turtle-at-great-barrier-reef

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