Andrea’s Adventures in the Land Down Under (2014) – Uluru Sunset and Aussie BBQ

G’day, mates (tee hee)!

It was late afternoon on the 27th of October 2014, when the tour bus picked me at the Sails in the Desert Hotel bound for Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park.  Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock, is a sacred site and one of the most iconic sights of Australia.  Everything I had read suggested that viewing the rock at sunset and, if possible, at sunrise, is a show put on my Mother Nature that should not be missed.

The driver/guide announced to the passengers that he was also a photographer so upon arrival at the viewing area, I asked him if he was going to sell us a DVD of photographs.  He said no but that he would be happy to take photos using my camera.  I was forced to admit that I had misplaced my camera.  He suggested that he could take photos using my phone.  I told him my phone was dead and it doesn’t take pictures even when the battery is fully charged.  I am sure he was wondering what sort of person arrives at the most photographed monolith in the world without any means of taking a photo.

At that moment, up stepped a handsome, strapping, young fellow who volunteered to share his photos with me if I gave him my email address.  I have said it before but it is worth repeating – I am the luckiest girl in the world 🙂  I introduced myself and he told me his name was Trigger.  I looked puzzled and asked, “Trigger, like Roy Roger’s horse?”  He laughed and told me it was a rugby nickname that had stuck.  I was relieved to learn that his parents had named him Paul, not Trigger.  Interestingly, he was also in Australia for a friend’s wedding.

Trig and I talked, and took photos; drank, and nibbled on cheese and crackers.  We were joined by a British couple and the four of us chatted and watched as Uluru changed from brown to orange, and finally, to black.  I bid them goodbye and boarded the bus heading to the Aussie Barbecue Dinner under the Stars.

img_1725  img_1737

I ended up sitting with a couple of couples from Canada.  If I hadn’t already had plenty to drink, I might have kept my mouth shut.  Instead, I announced that I had come halfway around the world to sit with them.  I ended up talking so much that I didn’t get any salad – just meat!  I had steak, kangaroo, lamb sausage, chicken skewers, and lots and lots of sparkling wine.




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