The Ghost of Christmas Past

Monica retrieved this Christmas newsletter that I sent to her 17 years ago. I am going to share it with you verbatim.


Greetings to all,

This is my second attempt at an annual newsletter.
Unfortunately, I don’t have wonderful tales of travel and adventure to share. I lived the ‘high life’ in 1998 and spent 1999 paying for it.

I was lucky that a friend of mine offered me a temporary position in the Capital Accounting section of Bell Mobility while one of his employees was on maternity leave. Working a full-time job and maintaining my other clients didn’t leave me much time for fun. I was able to get away a couple of weekends in the summer; one to Windsor to celebrate Dad’s 85th birthday, and one to Sudbury to attend Lisa T’s annual pig roast. Lisa has a second child now; a son.

I began this year in Chicago with my friend Nadine.  We had a wonderful time but I slipped a disk in my back whilst dancing up a storm on New Year’s Eve.  (Chicago had the worst snow storm in 30 years so you can see that I am not joking about ‘dancing up a storm’).

I started a new hobby. I love researching, and I love traveling, and I really love researching trips, after all, it’s like window shopping.  So I combined these interests and built a website at  The site has links to my e-mail address so feel free to write.

I almost got a job in the Turks & Caicos Islands but, alas, even though I got as far as an interview, they decided that I didn’t have sufficient management experience.  Had it been otherwise, you would be receiving this from the balmy Carribean along with an invitation to visit.  I have, however, just been offered a position teaching English in Japan.  I won’t be going until the spring so don’t expect any postcards until then.

I have three foster children now: Zione from Malawi, Henry from Uganda,  and most recently, Judeline from Haiti.

I am hoping for myself and for the world that the year 2000 will bring opportunity for peace and prosperity.  I cannot help but think that after two millennia of keeping this calendar, we should have learned more than how to count.

Love to you all, keep in touch.




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