Andrea’s Adventures in the Land Down Under (2014) – Mount Conner

This part of my Australian adventure actually began, like so many of my adventures do, in a bar. My journal entry for the 22nd of October 2014 is ” I am sitting in the departure lounge awaiting flight QF36 bound for Melbourne. The last time I took a Qantas flight was about 12 years ago and I loved it. The flight attendant kept coming around and asking me if I wanted more to drink!!
For those of you who felt a pang of disappointment that I did not begin this entry by stating that I was sitting in a bar, fear not, I was at a bar earlier. Terminal 1 at Changi Airport has a cactus garden and in the garden is the La Cave bar. It was at this bar that I met ‘Smithy’ who has been ‘on the road since January’. He told me to do myself a favour, hire a car, and drive to a place called Curtin Springs Station. It has a rock almost as big as Uluru. This cattle station has a restaurant, bar, and accommodation, all owned by the Severin family. Smithy said the highlight would be buying Pete Severin a Foster’s and listening to his stories. I am so excited by the prospect I could wet my pants! I sent them an email asking how I could get to them (85 kms from Ayer’s Rock Resort) if I don’t drive. I am hoping they will volunteer to come and fetch me 🙂 ”
As I mentioned in my previous posts, I had no access to the internet after leaving Singapore so I did not ever get a reply to the email I sent from Changi Airport but as luck would have it, the coach trip that I took from Ayer’s Rock to Alice Springs on the 28th of October 2014, stopped at Curtin Springs Station.


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