Andrea’s Adventures in the Land Down Under (2014) – Adelaide

31 October 2014 – Adelaide was sort of the ‘wild card’ for this trip because I didn’t know anything about this city in the state of South Australia. I only decided to go to Adelaide because that is the terminus for the Ghan; if the train ran from Alice Springs to Melbourne, I would never have gone, and that would have been a terrible pity because I really liked Adelaide.

I wrote in my journal, “Today is warm in Adelaide (32C) but tomorrow will be cool (17C) so I think I will spend this afternoon drinking (got a jug of Frank’s Sangria), eating (ordered the Dip, Dukkah & Dough), and writing.  I will spend tomorrow wandering all over Adelaide in the cooler temps.”

I did not get to do most of the things I had planned because my timing was off and things (including the shops) closed rather early for a Saturday. The aboriginal museum closed at 4 p.m. ( I got there at 4:30 ) and the South Australian museum closed at 5 p.m. ( I got there at 5 ) but I was able to walk all over the place and saw lots of lovely, old buildings and churches.  Earlier in the day, I went to the National Wine Centre of Australia which is part of the University of Adelaide.  I won a Gold Medal for my virtual Shiraz and celebrated by having a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon from Windows Estate winery.

I stayed two nights at The Franklin Boutique Hotel.  The bar at the Franklin is a rocking place on Friday and Saturday nights so it might not be ideal for those who prefer ‘early to bed and early to rise’ even though earplugs are part of the amenities package.  The espresso machine and milk frother in the room is a lovely touch.  I also really liked the complimentary mini-bar (2 bottles each of cider, beer, and water, as well as a bag of chips, and chocolate).

Before catching the bus for the next part of my adventure, I headed to the Adelaide Central Market where I bought Australian grown olives.



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