Andrea’s Adventures in the Land Down Under (2014) – Melbourne

My journal entry for 03 November 2014 reads, “I am sitting in Perk Up Burgers on De Graves Street which is really more of a back alley or lane than a street. I was supposed to be on a wine tour but the Wine Guys didn’t show up. The funny thing was that an Asian Canadian with a bit of grey at his temples, approached me while I was waiting for the tour bus, and he asked me if I was Andrea. He told me that the tour was cancelled. I am disappointed but I have come to believe that the purpose of this trip was to accept that I cannot control everything.”

“An impression is developing that lots of young people from all over the world end up in Australia working in restaurants, bars, hotels etc. The two young women I talked to in Alice Springs were from Korea and Argentina. The two young people working here at Perk Up Burgers are from England and Italy. The guide at Uluru was from New Zealand and the raptor trainer at the Desert Park was from England.”

“After breakfast, I went to the Immigration Museum for a few hours. It would be possible to spend a full day there.”

“I am at the bar in the Rendezvous Hotel. It is a block away from the Citigate where I stayed last night and it is the pickup point for the Skybus shuttle.”

The Travellers Bar – Rendezvous Hotel

“The problem with spending a few days here and a few days there is that I kept feeling those end of vacation blues, only to remind myself that my vacation was not over.”

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