Crow Attack

I like to think that I get along with most animals and I have found that, generally speaking, my furred and feathered neighbours tend to avoid interaction with me. So, being verbally and physically attacked by a crow yesterday came as quite a shock.

I was walking across a parking lot on my way to the post office when a crow began making a terrible racket. When I looked up at the crow, I saw that he (I am not really sure of the crow’s gender) was looking at me.  Clearly, I had done something to upset him, so I apologised.

As I continued walking, he let out a frightening caw and swooped at my head. I felt the wind from his wings. I was totally confused and my mind was reeling as I tried to imagine what was provoking this behaviour. I was envisioning Hitchcock’s The Birds.

The crow swooped again and this time I could feel his claw in my hair. I lost it! “Stop bothering me now”, I yelled. “I have never done anything to you! Leave me alone, you stupid crow.” The fact that I stooped to personal insults is a testament to how agitated I had become. I held the large, white envelopes I was carrying over my head and proceeded to the post office.

Fortunately, I sustained no injuries but I remain completely baffled.

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