Out of Africa, Again – Lions & Leopards & Lizards, oh my!

2 April 2016 – A warning sign in my ‘room’ at the Sentrim Mara Lodge reminded me that I was in a National Reserve and that here “animals have the right of way”.  The whistle attached to my room key was evidence that real danger lurked in the shadows and bushes around my little house.

Warning sign in my room

My journal entry for Day Two began, “Lucky, lucky girl!  My first ever, anywhere in the world, game drive, began at 7:45 am and within two hours we had seen zebra, three kinds of antelope, a jackal, and a hyena.”

“I would have gone home happy but the Universe, Tom, and the Masai Mara were not finished.  By the end of the day, I had lost count of how many different animals we had seen.  We saw so many different kinds of antelope that I am going to have to do some post safari research to identify them all. We saw a lioness with cubs, elephants, turtles, wild pigs, ostriches, a leopard, several kinds of flying birds, a buzzard, several kinds of lizards, monkeys, baboons, and I have probably omitted some of the animals that we did see.”

Leopard – Photo by Andrea Brandle



Lioness – Photo by Andrea Brandle

I had just commented to Tom that I only needed buffalo and rhino and I would have my ‘Big Five’ when we came across an entire herd of buffalo.  Tom commented that I am really lucky because it is rare to see a whole herd.  The day ended with a visit to the Masai Cultural village.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


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