Out of Africa, Again – Masai Mara to Nakuru

03 April 2016 – Today, day three of my safari, was spent mostly driving from the Mara to the city of Nakuru but before we left, we went to the camp which is the usual accommodation for this itinerary. We also got to see the outside of another Masai village that is located near the camp. We were here to pick up a couple of fellows who were doing a customised itinerary. They were joining me just for Lake Nakuru and the rhino sanctuary.


Masai women near the camp
The camp













The Golden Palace described in the itinerary as a ‘budget’ hotel was a bit of an adventure all on its own.  The electrical outlet in my room didn’t work which meant no TV (not a hardship) but it also meant I couldn’t charge my telephone which I use as my alarm clock. I took my phone down to reception to get them to charge it and to let them know about the fault so they could fix it for the next customer.  The receptionist claimed the problem was due to the intermittent blackouts that had been going on all day in Nakuru.  I told her the lights were on when I tried the outlet.  I suggested she send someone to fix it after I vacated Room NW2 so that the next person could watch TV.

I had dinner in the hotel dining room with ‘the guys’.  M.J. is Saudi and as black as a Kenyan so people kept speaking to him in Kiswahili.  Mohammad sounds like he is from India but looks like something else.  His father’s background is Arab and his mother’s Persian.  It was fun to have company for dinner and interesting to hear about their perspectives as it was also their first time in Kenya.

My adventure at the Golden Palace continued the next morning when I was taking a shower.  I had switched on the wall-mounted switch for the water heater and the red light came on but the water never got even tepid.  As I was showering, a piece flew off the shower head and all of the water was shooting out the side.  When I reached up to try and redirect the water, I got an electric shock!


Electricity and water are not a good combination


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