Poring Hot Spring and the Rafflesia

The afternoon of day 2 (03 Mar 2017) began with lunch in the restaurant at Poring Hot Spring followed by time to relax in the hot pool.  This part was strange – I have been to hot springs in Peru and Japan but they were nothing like this.  These were small, tiled tubs with taps, outdoors.
When we were entering Kinabalu Park, we saw a hand-made sign that said a Rafflesia was blooming nearby.  Go ahead, say it – “Andrea, you are the luckiest girl in the world!!”  The largest blossom on earth cannot be cultivated.  They grow where and when they want to so it is a matter of luck, not planning, to be able to see one.  The area where they bloom becomes a protected site and the owners of the land cannot do anything with it except charge tourists to see the flower.
That evening we went to the Night Food Market in Kota Kinabalu for dinner.  Day 2 was a very, very full day.

One thought on “Poring Hot Spring and the Rafflesia

  1. HI Andrea..had to google rafflesia..wondered if it was the flower that smells like rotten flesh to attract flies..it was..did u notice any odour when u saw it..they bloom seldom so u were lucky..we didn’t see any in Indonesia but we did pick some dried fly catcher pods that grew on vines along other trees..name eludes me,now.
    We’re getting a dusting of snow this am..don’t look forward to winter,especially the driving..
    Is your Dear Diary a made up story or are u actually going on a cruise & will be wearing that fancy dress & necklace..hope so….
    Bye for now,Bobbi😘👗


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