Hiking in Virgin Rainforest

Before there were blogs, even before there was email, there were postcards!  My sister found this one in her desk drawer and I want to share it with all of you.  Not only do I love the faces of the mother and baby sloths, but as my sister pointed out, the stamps are cool too!

In case you cannot read my handwriting (and who would blame you?), the postcard states, “Greetings from sunny Costa Rica.  I saw one of these sloths yesterday on a 12 mile hike through dense jungle.  Thank goodness the Indian guide had a machete!  (For the vines – sloths aren’t too dangerous)”

Apparently, I had a sense of humour back in the old days.

Our guide, Mauricio, not only showed us what was on the itinerary for our trek through the Bri Bri Indian reservation he also brought us up to speed on the political situation and took us to his friend’s house in the jungle because he needed to look after the livestock while his friend was in the hospital.  Who knew chickens and ducks will eat bananas?

I only wish I had a photo of the intrepid Andrea, crawling across the fallen tree that served as a bridge, on her hands and knees.


p.s. my sister doesn’t live here anymore so it won’t do you any good to visit her hoping to get a glimpse of the original 😉

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