West Side Story Reimagined

In keeping with the theme of unusual things to do in Singapore, this post is about what I did last evening.  I am not sure what to call it; it was a film, it was a symphony, it was amazing!


It is events like this (and like the exhibition that I posted about previously) that blur the line between art and technology; perhaps there isn’t even a line to blur.  According to the program, “Half a century after its original release, West Side Story the motion picture will be presented tonight in a format that brings its own innovations.  MGM has created a restored, high-definition print of the film that reveals details unseen since 1961.  A new sound technology developed by Paris-based Audionamix and utilized by Chace Audio by Deluxe, one of the film industry’s top restoration companies, has isolated vocal tracks from the feature, using new source-separation technology that separates elements within a monophonic soundtrack.”  The Singapore Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Joshua Tan, performed the musical score so seamlessly that I often forgot that the music wasn’t part of the film. They deserved every bit of the enthusiastic applause that followed the film’s end credits.

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