Notes from Quarantine – Day 1

I would like to begin this post by apologizing to my devoted readers for having not posted anything for nearly two years.

The Covid 19 coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in a multitude of ways including making travel for pleasure (or adventure) almost impossible.  After a decade of living and working in Singapore, I made a decision to return to Canada.

I boarded the Turkish Airlines flight just before midnight on the first of August and arrived in Toronto at nearly 7 p.m. on the second of August.  A small bus manned by a couple wearing hazmat suits, gloves, and masks took me and two other passengers to a hotel that is now being used as a quarantine facility.

In case you are under the impression that I am staying at a ‘hotel’, let me describe how they modified this hotel to make it into a quarantine facility.  It is surrounded by a fence and only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter.  The lobby is closed and instead there is a makeshift portal which reduces entry and exit to one ‘lane’.  I do not have a key to my room as I am not allowed to leave unaccompanied.

Food is provided by the Canadian Red Cross.  Upon arrival I was given a bag of snacks and a little later my dinner was left in a brown bag outside my door.


Stay healthy!



One thought on “Notes from Quarantine – Day 1

  1. Mmmm – lunch looks yummy. Do you have books to read? Do you get on Saturday 15th? Can you have phone calls? Please keep us posted. ♥


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