Notes from Quarantine – Day 2

For my scheduled walk in the parking lot, a security guard wearing full personal protection gear, comes to get me and escorts me down to the fenced in area.  Another security guard stands at the gate.  We are only allowed to come down and go up one at a time.  This all has to be co-ordinated with the intake of new people, the exiting of people who have completed their quarantine, the cleaners, the food delivery (which is handled by the Red Cross), and the Public Health nurses who visit twice daily.  If you are in the yard when the bus arrives you can actually get stuck out there for quite a while.  So far, I have let my bladder rather than my FitBit decide when I have had enough walking.


Stay healthy!

3 thoughts on “Notes from Quarantine – Day 2

  1. Gosh l have no excuse to not go for a walk..all I have to do is put on my joggers & head out the door & down the street..earlier in the spring I had to avoid an area where there might be bears..I’ve been walking more in Onaping to avoid traffic exhaust along a footpath that goes to Levack..
    Do all the silly sisters know you’re in TO..I haven’t

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