Notes from Quarantine – Day 6

Another way that staying in this quarantine facility differs from staying at a hotel is laundry.  At a ‘normal’ hotel, if you want laundry done you fill out a form, put your items to be laundered in a bag provided, and then a whopping bill is added to your account which you pay upon checking out.

Here if you have laundry that needs doing you put it in a bag on Monday and it comes back on Friday.  It doesn’t cost anything 🙂  My laundry arrived back today and not a moment too soon.  I didn’t exactly have enough clothes for two full weeks unless that two weeks included attending a wedding,  a Christmas party, and New Year’s Eve.

All the clean items were tagged using plastic.  I have nothing sharp because sharp things are not allowed on airplanes and the cutlery provided with my meals is plastic so it took a quite a lot of sawing back and forth with a plastic knife to cut through just one of these plastic tags.  This was a lot of work but the clothes couldn’t be worn comfortably with the tags still attached.  I needed a better tool.


I called the Canadian Red Cross and asked if they could get me nail clippers.  They said “no problem”.

Stay healthy!


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