Notes from Quarantine – Day 7

On my walk today I became aware of some of the wildlife that lives nearby.  First, I heard the honk of the Canada Goose so I peered through the fence and spotted three geese.  Would that be a family or a demi-flock?


Then one of the other walkers got stung by a bee.  I didn’t actually see the bee. Finally, there are at least five dogs staying here in quarantine.  I know that pet dogs don’t count as wildlife, in fact for many people they are part of the family. 

When I asked about the breed of one of the dogs, I was told she is a “Mexican mutt”.  She was found in a bucket when she was about 7 weeks old.  She was starving, dirty, and crawling with fleas.  Her ‘mommy’ arranged to bring her home to Canada. I really love a story with a happy ending!

Stay healthy!


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