Notes from Quarantine – Day 9

Only five more days left!  Today when I was out for my walk I overheard a man say “We don’t need to be in quarantine.” and I thought to myself that he doesn’t understand.  The 14 day quarantine is recommended by the World Health Organization.  A friend of mine in Thailand mentioned that the quarantine there is 14 days and asked if it was the same in Canada. I told her it is.  It is also the same in Singapore.  But why 14 days?

Today I asked the public health nurse if I could get the test for Covid 19.  She told me that if I had any symptoms they would test but because I am not showing any there is no need.  She said that if I was asymptomatic that the virus would have run its course by the end of the 14 days.  That is the purpose of the quarantine.

Another friend asked if there is barbed wire on the fence that surrounds the building.  There isn’t but the fence that was put up when the hotel was converted into a quarantine facility has something black attached so that people passing by cannot see what is going on.  It is more of a privacy issue than a security one.

No Barbed Wire

Stay healthy!

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