Notes from Quarantine – Day 10

I have to begin this post with an apology to my vegan and vegetarian friends.  The highlight of the day today was my steak dinner.  Bear in mind that I do not order my meals, they appear in brown bags outside my door three times a day.

It is clear to me that a lot of thought goes into each meal and that I am being provided with variety as well as nutrition.  I get my five servings of fruit and vegetables every day in addition to numerous sources of protein.  On top of that there are treats and snacks that feed my spirit, if not my body.

The steak that was the centerpiece of my dinner this evening was smothered in black pepper sauce and cooked just the way I like it.  It was served with roasted veggies, a  green salad, a roll, and a yummy chocolate brownie.  I fear I will not fit in my swimsuit when I get out of quarantine at the end of this week.

001 (2)

Stay healthy!

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