Notes from Quarantine – Day 12

When I get out of quarantine on Sunday, I am going to begin helping my friend to look after his mother who has Lewy Body dementia. I have taken advantage of my free time and the free wi-fi to research this disease so that I can better understand what she is going through.

What I have learned so far is that Lewy Body is similar to Alzheimer’s but takes hold much more quickly.  The ten most common symptoms of Lewy Body dementia (LBD) are: difficulty concentrating, memory loss, confusion which alternates with lucidity, ambulatory changes, sleep disruptions, hallucinations, rapid changes in symptoms, loss of balance, high sensitivity to medication, and depression and aggression.

I also found out that Robin Williams had LBD and have attached here a piece written by his wife that gives a very personal, insider view of living with Lewy Body.

Robin Williams


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