Notes from Quarantine – Day 13

The most exciting thing that happened today was the delivery of my second load of laundry.  I was just going out for my walk when the unmarked, white van pulled up.  I was like a kid seeing an ice cream truck!  Not only was I wearing the last of my clean clothes but it also meant that I would be able to begin packing.

I apologize for seeming mysterious about the location of the quarantine facility but it is one of the rules or “Traveller Responsibilities … For your own privacy, you must maintain strict confidentiality regarding the name and location of the designated isolation site during your stay.”

Stay healthy!


One thought on “Notes from Quarantine – Day 13

  1. Glad your clean clothes have arrived and that you will be going home with David on Sunday. This has been quite an adventure. The Covid-19 cases are increasing around the world and I am so glad you are back in Canada safe and sound. ♥

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