Out of Africa, Again – Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha

4 April 2016 – The highlights of Day 4 were seeing white rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park, which meant that I had my ‘Big Five’ (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and rhino), and an optional cruise on Lake Naivasha that the guys suggested.  I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have seen all five … Continue reading

Out of Africa, Again – Masai Mara to Nakuru

03 April 2016 – Today, day three of my safari, was spent mostly driving from the Mara to the city of Nakuru but before we left, we went to the camp which is the usual accommodation for this itinerary. We also got to see the outside of another Masai village that is located near the … Continue reading

Out of Africa, Again – 13 things I learned about the Masai

In the afternoon of April 2nd, 2016, Tom brought me to the Masai village described in the itinerary as “an optional opportunity to visit a village of the Masai people to witness the singing and dancing that are part of their daily lives and sacred rituals.  A glimpse into their homes and social structure is a … Continue reading

Out of Africa, Again – Lions & Leopards & Lizards, oh my!

2 April 2016 – A warning sign in my ‘room’ at the Sentrim Mara Lodge reminded me that I was in a National Reserve and that here “animals have the right of way”.  The whistle attached to my room key was evidence that real danger lurked in the shadows and bushes around my little house. My … Continue reading

Out of Africa, Again – Nairobi to Masai Mara

1 April 2016 – Tom, my guide and driver for my first ever safari, is of the Luo tribe and has four children. Prior to this trip, I only knew about the Masai and Kikuyu. Tom told me there are 42 tribes of Kenya.  Clearly, I had a lot to learn. One of the reasons … Continue reading

Out of Africa, Again

Exactly one year ago today, I boarded the Kenya Airways flight bound for Nairobi. This was to be a trip filled with firsts: first visit to East Africa, first safari, and first time meeting my friend Krista’s children. The actual purpose of the trip was to attend Krista’s surprise 50th birthday party in Malindi, Kenya … Continue reading

Crow Attack

I like to think that I get along with most animals and I have found that, generally speaking, my furred and feathered neighbours tend to avoid interaction with me. So, being verbally and physically attacked by a crow yesterday came as quite a shock. I was walking across a parking lot on my way to … Continue reading

Andrea’s Weekend in the Land Down Under (2016) – Broadbeach Blues Festival

Who would dream that a little girl from a mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada would one day be able to jet off for the weekend to Australia? Thanks to my friend Lori, I was introduced to Airbnb, Surfer’s Paradise, and the Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Calling this … Continue reading

Andrea’s Adventures in the Land Down Under (2014) – Melbourne

My journal entry for 03 November 2014 reads, “I am sitting in Perk Up Burgers on De Graves Street which is really more of a back alley or lane than a street. I was supposed to be on a wine tour but the Wine Guys didn’t show up. The funny thing was that an Asian … Continue reading

Andrea’s Adventures in the Land Down Under (2014) – Road Trip

I spent Sunday, the 2nd of November 2014 on the Firefly coach from Adelaide, South Australia to Melbourne, Victoria.  The 725 kilometres takes approximately 8 hours or longer depending on how many stops you make and how long your breaks are.  For those in a hurry, there are 19 flights daily that take about an hour … Continue reading