Out of Africa, Again – Nightmare Drive to Amboseli

At first, the highway, which bypasses Nairobi, was smooth and flat, and four lanes. Then, without warning, it was a dirt track with cars and trucks jostling for position. Tom explained that they were still building the road. At one point, a flat-bed truck came just a little too close and smashed the mirror on Tom’s side of the vehicle. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to be startled. It made changing lanes more hazardous but that was just the beginning.

The road we were travelling on is called Mombasa Road and it is the major trucking route between the port of Mombasa and the capital city of Nairobi. It started to rain heavily and we were once again on a paved road but this time, it was only two lanes. It was dark before 7 p.m. because of the rain and the headlights reflecting on the wet pavement made it impossible to see the yellow lines. The windshield was blurry and it was very difficult to tell which lane the on-coming headlights were in, and because of slow moving trucks, everyone, even other trucks, were passing. Tom was trying to make up time because we had a bit of a late start but I would have been happier staying behind one of the trucks. At least then it would be up to the person in front to decide if the headlights coming at them were in their lane. We eventually left Mombasa Road for a less travelled road and it was not raining as hard. We even got to see a Genet cat cross the road.

When we finally arrived at Sentrim Amboseli lodge, they had kept some staff on to give us dinner. It was a really, lovely four-course meal, and the ‘rooms’ were lovely as well. They left the generator on long enough for us to get tucked in for the night.  I definitely recommend this hotel!

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