Penang – Part Two

My next trip to Penang was in 2011 for business.  I was asked to come and conduct on-site training for an international company with offices in Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone. This area is in the south-eastern part of Pulau Pinang (that’s Malay for Penang Island).  My flight from Singapore arrived the morning before the training so I had most of the day to explore a new part of Penang.  I chose to check out the snake temple.

There are more than just snakes, and believe me, there are a lot of snakes; there are also monkeys, tortoises and turtles, as well as iguanas and other kinds of lizards.

For lunch, I went to Jaya Cater’s Corner, a nearby open-air Indian restaurant where I had roti prata.  The irony of eating Indian food and visiting a Chinese temple in Malaysia is not completely lost on me but I also think it serves to prove that Malaysia is more multi-cultural than some might think.

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