Penang Part 5 (B)

Loads of visitors to Penang go for the beach so I decided, considering that my boss was paying for the airfare, to check out Batu Ferringhi for the weekend.  Even though this was my fifth trip to Penang, I had never explored this part of the island; and believe me when I tell you there is a lot to explore.  I am not really a ‘beach’ person so I chose to visit the Butterfly Farm and the Spice Garden.


I had hoped to walk the distance between these two sites but it turned out that it isn’t possible. There are no sidewalks along the road and the beach is not consistent  The good news is that the bus is very cheap. The bad news is that Agoda has still not reimbursed me for the money that they stole from me.  If you can advise how to deal with internet theft, I would appreciate it.





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