Penang – Part 5 (A)

My fifth trip to Penang was a couple of months ago but it didn’t start off very well.  In fact, it could have been a disaster.  I had been asked to conduct two days of training literally across the street from the Krystal Suites, the hotel where I stayed in 2011. I booked with Agoda and was issued a confirmation for two nights.  When I arrived I noticed that the unmanned reception desk had dust on it.  Not a good sign.  There were two security guards at a desk in the lobby who informed me that the hotel had been closed for two years!  Agoda is still taking bookings for this hotel.

Krystal Suites

Luckily for me, I had stayed here before and knew there was a good hotel not too far away.  The security guards called a taxi for me which took me to the Eastin Hotel   If I had been a tourist from Europe who had never been to Penang and didn’t speak English very well, I would have been in dire straits.  Agoda charged me for one night as a cancellation fee for a hotel that was not open.  It reminds me of the scam that the Wine Guys  were pulling in Australia but Agoda is a global company.  How are they getting away with this!?!

Anyway, my fifth trip to Penang has a happy ending (my favourite kind) but you will have to wait until next week for Penang – Part 5 (B) 🙂


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